March 16, 2009


so anytime i want to congratulate someone in writing - i always write "congrats!"

poking around on the recent acu engagements, i noticed i'm not the only one substituting congrats for congratulations - everyone seems to shorten this word

but let's be honest, i genuinely do want to write "congraulations" but everytime i go to write it, i have an inner battle on the correct spelling:


in fear of a mispelling this celebratory word, what i end up writing is "congrats!"

i'm just glad the blogger toolbar has spellcheck! congratulations blogspot :)

March 04, 2009


I am tolerant of most things, but one thing I CANNOT tolerate is lactose.

and as a side note - lactate and lactose are two different things. i however tend to confuse these words and it is embarassing

March 01, 2009


i hate the gym. i go because i used to be really in shape, so i like to pretend that i still am. i am reminded that i am no longer in shape everytime i go, haha :)

but the real reason why i hate the gym is the general attitude. example: yesterday i was in the free weight area and there was this super cocky 24ish year old guy in an underarmor tshirt that he probably borrowed from my 7 year old neighbor's football uniform. he was really muscular, i'm pretty sure gelled his hair before his workout... and i'm assuming was a personal trainer because he was "instructing" a man that was not in peak physical condition, and this man's wife who was just a normal petite lady.

so there's the scene. as i walk by, the man is doing a tricep lift with a dumbbell and starting to struggle a little. amidst the struggle the personal trainer literally says "it's called manhood. it sucks."

.jawdrop. WHAT?! is that really something you say to another dude who is trying to get in shape?!

so the only free bench was next to these people. ugh. as i'm doing my workout, i'm hearing the trainer say things such as "it shouldn't be that hard, i usually lift this much so this should be easy for you" followed by him showing up this guy and his wife with all his lifts. good job. and don't worry.. of course he's breathing obnoxiously loud and grunting as if he's giving birth.. haha the irony. He's the kind of guy that would honestly yell "HEY EVERYONE! COME SEE HOW GOOD I LOOK!" ... but then laugh and say "haha JK" (not "just kidding"... actually say "j-k")

so my entire workout (with my 10lb lifts.. woot woot!) i am trying to decide when exactly i need to step in and tell this guy to get over himself. i unfortunately never found the opportune moment, nor collected my thoughts to think of something witty enough worth interrupting their workout.

i left the gym that day thinking to myself... wow. manhood. it sucks.