September 19, 2008

::insert Augustana lyrics here::

i'm leaving my house at 4am to catch my 6am flight and i'll land in boston at 1:30


September 16, 2008

do not confuse ROOMmate with SOULmate

i leave for boston on saturday... 4 more days! i have been job hunting like crazy and have three interviews set up for next week (YAY!) and i have about 15 appointments to look at various apartments.

that has been the real adventure- apartment hunting in an unknown city. in boston a more common thing to do is to live in those huge old houses and they're typically rented out by the floor, with 2-3 other roommates. this is also a cheaper option. since i don't know anyone, i'm having to search for rooms available that already have housemates. wow. who would have thought that people would use this roommate hunt as a dating service!? i'm being extremely cautious and have had skip over quite a few ads, haha but it's definitely an experience!

so yeah, that's that! things are looking good :D now all i have to do is pack. what do i take in 3 suitcases?? i guess i'll soon find out!

on a sidenote - i was taking dude for a scooter run last night. i've been doing this frequently... i hop on my pink razor scooter (thank you youth group!! i use it all the time!) and he runs ahead of me. we go all through the neighborhood. pretty much it just looks like i'm chasing my dog on a scooter, the neighbors love me i'm sure. so there was this crack in the sidewalk and i COMPLETELY ate it. i fell flat on my face and literally skinned my knees... and hands... and right ankle :( here i am trying to be all grown up and professional interviewing for jobs and whatnot and in my freetime i'm scootering. i'm just afraid that i'll go to shake a hand for an interview and i'll have to explain the sidewalk-rash on my palms!

lookout boston, here i come!! (i wonder if i have room for my scooter...)

September 12, 2008

my quarter-life crisis

my good friend the other day used the term "quarter-life crisis" and it really stuck with me... cuz I'M EXPERIENCING IT! it's that post-graduate-what-am-i-gonna-do-for-the-rest-of-my-life age where it's SO exciting because you have the whole world at your fingertips, yet supremely intimidating because you have the whole world at your fingertips... are you willing to settle and waste it??? meanwhile, you can't find a job and all your friends get married and start having children. thus the need for whiny acoustic complaint rock ;) it was a big revelation.

i'm coming off an AMAZING summer working with high school kids that changed my life. god worked in huge and incomprehensible ways by putting me in a ministry position (go figure) which has opened my eyes to the possibilities of how far god wants us to go and how much he desires to use us despite our failures and shortcomings - we all know that i am full of those, but at least they're entertaining right?? :D

so here's the plan: i have a one-way ticket to boston leaving next saturday (9/20) and as of right now i have a place to stay saturday night and that's about it. sounds crazy, but it's my quarter life crisis! it's called crisis for a reason right?? i'm still actively searching the area for friends... and friends of friends... and friends of friends of friends... etc. as of right now, i have two interviews set up with different accounting firms - i'm confident that god has something for me so i'm really not stressed about the job stuff (yet). i'm always open to networking and ideas so if you have any feel FREE to let me know what your ideas are!

i love you all dearly! please keep me in your prayers as i continue LIFE and its adventures!!

and something to think about... if a one-way ticket to boston knowing no one and having no place to stay is my quarter-life crisis, what's my mid-life crisis going to be?? lord help us.