October 02, 2008

i recently pahked my cah in haavad

so i'm settled!! let me just start by saying that GOD IS SOOOO GOOD! i have a place to live for two months in quincy which is south of boston (not to be confused with south boston, ie: good will hunting, departed... yikes!) so i am completely safe and have made some good friends! i am living here with two roommates that i found using craigslist, and we hit it off so well that the three of us are going to move to the city on dec 1st!

this has REALLY helped because it gives me time to focus solely on job interviews rather than both interviews and apartments... that proved to be entirely too overwhelming :\ speaking of jobs... still jobless. BUT! i've had a lot of good interviews - i was turned down by one and i turned down another so i guess the score's even at this point. the job that i am REALLY excited about, i interview for next thurs. and would be a PERFECT career starter. hopefully something will come of that!

meanwhile, one of my roommates works at a restaraunt here called uno's, so i decided to pick up some night and weekend shifts to make some money and still be able to interview for career jobs during the day :)

so the short version: things are GREAT! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!

more stories to come, but that's the update! hope all is well :)

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Angelina said...

Hello Dahling! Sounds like you are having fun. Hope the job comes through for you soon! Find a church yet? Any church? Seriously you gotta find some other Christians out there, ok? Or Satan will be looking for you! I know, I know, I'm such a mom. love and all that!