January 24, 2009

the following events are all true...

1. i left the back off the juicer (the part that catches all the pulp) and pulp sprayed all across the side of my refrigerator. i had to clean up grapefruit/orange throw-up

2. the past two fridays i have been asleep before 10pm - last weekend i didn't get out of bed till 5pm saturday evening.

3. mallory and i consistently order a large pizza from roggies... and eat the whole thing. every time we say that we're not going to

4. i have recently been asked out by the following men:
-40 year old hawaiian man named paul
-awkward writer who i have yet to see without a bandanna on his head (but gives me free pizza at my favorite lunch spot)
-guy on the subway who asked me if i wanted to come over and smoke weed
-extremely creepy accountant (nothing against accountants) with bad breath and a huge mole bursting out of his nostril
among others that are less "interesting" and i have yet to accept any of these offers...

5. la bamba came on my shuffle while i was on the treadmill and i listened to it the whole way through. it took everything i had in me not to sing outloud and bust a move.

6. today is neil diamonds birthday. i still haven't seen him in concert - i definitely need to fulfill that life goal.

<3 life is good!

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