February 19, 2009

HOOTIE HOO! hootie who?

let me preface this story by mentioning that i have a cousin in federal prison serving 8-10 years (always a good start to a story :D). i love him more than anything, and i'd say ever person that meets him does as well.

i've visited him numerous times in prison, and let's just say... i'm pretty sure that guy runs the place. he's very well respected and runs a store out of his cell (shawshank anyone??) all this to say... he's such a baller.

well i moved out here and wanted to keep in touch since i couldn't visit him as easily anymore. i wrote him a letter telling him about goofy things that had happened within the week and just random updates.

i went to mail the letter and all i had was little cute pink stationary envelopes. so i put my letter in the pink and green argyle stationary, put it in the pink envelope and mailed it off. i didn't realize that sending pink envelopes, with pink and green argyle stationary is completely normal in my world, and a little less normal in prison. i mentioned this to the family at christmas and they are currently worried about his safety, haha... or at the very least, his pride.

that being said.... this past weekend was valentines day. not only valentines day but soon after (today actually, feb 20th) is national "hootie hoo" day, a national holiday i'm pretty sure celebrated by my family only. you celebrate hootie hoo day by drinking pink lemonade and eating vanilla ice-cream... then at noon, you step outside your door and yell "HOOTIE HOO" to "chase away winter."

here's where i tie my stories: my office is very very strict and the people i work with know absolutely nothing about my life... all they know is that i wear a suit and glasses everyday while sitting at my computer playing accountant. gauranteed anyone that is reading this right now knows me much better than that. so one of the receptionists comes up to me in front of a couple of my supervisors (imagine a very professional setting) and says "hey sarah, this came in the mail for you... it looks like a personal card" gasps ensued and everyone gathered to see who had sent the card...

don't worry - my aunt (love her, BUT) sent me HOOTIE HOO DAY CARD TO MY OFFICE.

i had to then explain to a group of north easterners what hootie hoo day is. it's one of those things that sounds so normal when you talk about it with your family, and then trying to explain it to a group of boston accounts... well it's a little less normal.

sorry matt for sending you the pink and green argyle card.

i love my family.


d.j. iverson said...

hootie hooooooooooo!

brenna said...

i miss you. suit, glasses, and all