June 02, 2009

where's my stapler?

i've been working for about 6 months. for those of you that don't know, i got a job as an accountant at a private wealth management firm in downtown boston, and i am INCREDIBLY blessed. i have learned a lot of things in this 6 months... the biggest being that i do NOT have the personality of an accountant.

since no one in my office talks (at all...), here are a few things i do to keep myself entertained at work:

  • drink/fill up my water bottle about every half hour just so i can stand up and move around

  • go to the restroom every other half hour for the same reason.. (plus that's a lot of water)

  • play hot lava monster with myself using the rugs in our hallways (the wood floor is the lava)

  • watch one of the tax accounts RUN through the office... i swear there's a mario kart turbo boost under one of the rugs, because she always starts running at the same spot. i wish i could catch the turbo boost... or at least get some red shells

  • keep a running tally of paper clips gained to paper clips lost. one of my reviewers always reviews my work and gives it back to me WITHOUT paperclips. so sometimes i purposely submit copies to admin so that i can replinish my paper clip stash.

  • same as above, but with binder clips... and WAY more intense

  • find who brought doughnuts/baked goods and make friends with them for the day

  • recycle post-it notes and calculate how many trees i've saved at the end of the day


adoptingmama said...

Oh honey, I sure do miss your fun-loving spirit! Come out and visit us sometime. We are back in Woodinville and would love us some Sarah time....aloha

d.j. iverson said...

congratulations. you're officially pam.